Research & Development

Currently over 420 of BIOCAD employees are involved in research and development of new drugs. The company has all the facilities required for the development of original and generic drugs, from molecular biology labs to the department of pre-clinical studies. Development of new products is performed according to GLP guidelines.

BIOCAD is the leader among Russian companies in the number of clinical trials conducted. The medical department employs doctors - experts in the fields of oncology, neurology and infectious diseases to deal with the planning of clinical studies and the analysis of results, as well as specialists to organize and monitor the clinical trials in accordance with GCP standards.

Over 40 products are under development



We build the future today with BonMab technology

BonMab technology is a universal platform that allows to effectively develop medicinal products for any target in a short period and was designed as a module-based intelligent system.

by BIOCAD v3.5

Features of BonMab technology:


Implementation of the Quality by Design principles


Shared (Cloud) information space for projects and experiments planning, data storage and processing


High speed of development


Automation of research activities using integrated high-performance equipment

Gene synthesis

In–house platform for gene synthesis


Unlimited target search potential

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Result/Opportunities provided by BonMab


Future experiments are designed based on critical quality parameters of a molecule

High speed

3-5 months from an idea to a pool of candidate antibodies


A minimum number of subjective factors that can influence the outcome of the process


Ability to work on several projects simultaneously due to the intelligent feedback system


Gene library for human antibodies Megan lib provides antibodies with minimum immunogenicity


Quick and easy selection of the best combination of modules for the specific project


Obtaining functional antibodies to any target