Every employee of BIOCAD is a unique experience and knowledge

We are confident that our projects and comfortable working environment will allow you to fully express individuality, realize your abilities and talents, gain valuable experience and become an integral part of the team. By working at BIOCAD, you have a great chance to make a contribution to your own success and professional development.

The greatest value of the company is its employees. Every employee of BIOCAD is a unique experience and knowledge. You have a chance to create your own democratic corporate culture, by focusing on an individual approach, thus in many ways define the successful launch of the company, as well as contribute to the dynamic development and growth, which allows all employees to acquire new professional experience and build a career with us.

The management of the company equally focuses on scientific and technical aspects of the business, psychological climate in the team and constantly improves the professionalism of its employees. Great attention is paid to the work with the school students and university undergraduates. At the moment the average age of BIOCAD employees is 28 years.

We engage into the company young, talented and highly qualified specialists, who quickly switch to high pace work and show the results in a very short time. Moreover, we set ourselves the task of preparing a new generation of leaders for the Russian pharmaceutical industry.



Vice-president HR, PR corp.marketing

"BIOCAD pays special attention to work with the applicants"

We consider each and every application received individually and with the appropriate job to invite for an interview.

People - our greatest asset!


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Int ern ship

  • Diploma project

    For students - we provide all of our trainees with necessary information for the preparation of reports and graduation projects to be able use the experience acquainted with the peculiarities of manufacturing biotechnological and chemical substances, laboratory equipment, quality standards and development procedures.

  • Internship

    As part of our corporate program BIOCAD for Students, young specialists taking up courses in relevant core areas are offered an opportunity to do an internship at one of our manufacturing sites and R&D centers. During the internship, students will have a unique opportunity to participate in projects that directly affect the development trend of our company.

  • Excursion

    Additionally to the program, individuals have the opportunity to come on a tour of the production facilities and R&D center, to participate in public research projects for students and to consult with the leading scientists of the company.