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BIOCAD is Russia's leading innovative biotechnology company; it combines a world-class research and development center, ultra-modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, as well as preclinical and clinical research infrastructure compliant with international standards.

BIOCAD is one of the world`s few full-cycle drug development and manufacturing companies, from new molecule discovery and genetic engineering to large-scale commercial production and marketing support.

BIOCAD`s medicines are dedicated to treat complex health conditions such as cancer, HIV and Hepatitis C infections, multiple sclerosis and other disorders.


Portfolio includes more than 58 products, most of them are market-leaders in Russia


Over 40 products are under development


Over 2200 employees, 40% of them are scientists


  • Our mission

    is increasing life expectancy and improving quality of life

  • We are

    an international innovative biotech company that combines a world-class research center with modern pharmaceutical production, as well as preclinical and clinical studies compliant with international standards

  • The core of our business

    is combining creativity and professionalism in solving problems. Patience and painstaking hard work is our formula for successfull achievement of our goals.

  • Our business is based on

    the accumulation of advanced knowledge, which enables us to unlock the revolutionary potential for creating optimal conditions for patients to live happier lives

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Career in BIOCAD



    BIOCAD team consists of qualified and ambitious people


    BIOCAD rewards those who attain outstanding results. At the same time, success is achieved in teamwork


    Each of our employees is an individual, getting invaluable experience working at BIOCAD and becoming a shining diamond


    Our company offers interesting projects allowing group creativity and self-improvement


    BIOCAD employees are people leading active lifestyle

Dmitry Morozov

Dmitry Morozov

President of BIOCAD

15 years ago I was working in a bank, and one day I got bored. I decided to go to Japan to study the partnership program between MSU and Keiyo. There I learned a lot about how to create an innovative business. I wondered what we could do in Russia, besides pumping oil and gas from a hole in the ground, that would be both interesting and profitable. So I got started. I knew nothing about the pharmaceutical industry, but began to build a factory. I thought the main point was to run a modern production facility, which would bring us profits. Once we had built it, it became obvious that there were almost no biotech products in the country, and that all the talk about our R&D was no more than empty words. So we chose another way - to invest in science. Now I realize that every day we are working on one of the most interesting tasks that benefit humanity.

The beginning. Story of success.

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Construction of the plant of finished dosage forms -

Moscow, Petrovo-Dalnee.


Creation of R&D center based on the Soviet Institute of Immunological Engineering -

Moscow, Lyubuchany.


Launch of the original preparation for the integrate treatment of urogenital infections -

- Genferon ®


Launch of Leucostim® (filgrastim) - Russia's first granulocyte colony stimulating factor -


Opening of the second R&D center -

Saint Petersburg, Strelna.


Participation in the state-funded import substitution program of high-cost mAb-based biopharmaceuticals.


Launch of Russia's first original medicine for the treatment of Hepatitis C - Algeron (cepeginterferon alpha-2b).


Launch of Russia’s first monoclonal antibody biosimilar - Acellbia® (rituximab).


Registration of the first biosimilars for oncology treatment (monoclonal antibodies) in Russia - Bevacizumab and Trastuzumab.


Multi-vector international expansion to South-East Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Latin America. Establishment of a new R&D complex – Division of Advanced Research Projects.


Construction of manufacturing sites in Russia and Finland. Establishment of foreign branch offices in Egypt and Vietnam. Expansion of product portfolio for treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Launch of the first Russian infliximab biosimilar. Construction of four manufacturing sites. Market launch on seven new international markets.


in the world

BIOCAD has established a wide international presence – through a network of its subsidiaries and partnerships – in Belarus, Brazil, India, China and the United States. BIOCAD's international strategy is to reinforce its own market leadership position in Russia while entering new markets, thus leveraging and balancing R&D, sales, procurement and logistic synergies across several continents. Every subsidiary or a partner company successfully combines R&D, market evaluation and business development activities, and provides access to talents, innovations and market opportunities of the region.


Russia Skolkovo Technopark

BIOCAD in Russia Skolkovo Technopark

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Headquarters, Production of monoclonal antibody substances, R&D center

BIOCAD in Russia(HQ)

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BIOCAD presence in the US started in 2010 through a partnership with AD Biotech Solutions, Inc., a company which helps to implement BIOCAD's supply strategy – an integral part of BIOCAD’s business model, as it assures timely delivery of high quality equipment, raw materials, and consumables to R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities.  

AD Biotech Solutions  has a keen understanding of the US market well known for its innovations and highly technological products. Company focuses its activity on the market research and analysis of R&D equipment and medical devices, produced locally. It keeps BIOCAD informed of the latest trends in this area and equips its laboratories and manufacturing facilities with the most modern machines, capable to support ever growing R&D activities, to robotize the operations and to optimize all processes related to innovative product development and manufacturing.  

AD Biotech Solutions oversees all of the supply chain matters, achieving a unique approach with a system of reduced costs, optimized supply streams, improved logistic performance without an increase in risks, combined with specific analytical framework, right technological tools and processes engineered for greater efficiency.

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PDP, technology transfer, clinical trials, business development

BIOCAD in Brazil

Biocadbrazil Farmaceutica Ltda., established in March 2012, is BIOCAD's representative in Brazil for Productive Development Partnerships (PDPs). BIOCAD has esablished a unique approach to developing and manufacturing biosimilars and innovative products. This significantly  reduces the costs, and results in more affordable, effective treatments for patients, and a rational budget spending for the state healthcare system.   

According to PDPs, a contract with BIOCAD will result in a full transfer of bevacizumab manufacturing technology to Brazil's state institutions within five years BIOCAD intends to expand its presence in the Brazilian market through participation in PDPs for other medicines, which are of strategic interest to the Brazilian government. 

Biocadbrazil Farmaceutica Ltda. serves as a center of knowledge and technology for the public institute TECPAR. Within the PDPs, BIOCAD runs clinical trials in Brazil, provides full technology transfer support, quality control and quality assurance system advisory services, and consults on other related issues. Expertise and data from the mAbs API manufacturing facility in Saint Petersburg are used to develop courses for Brazilian specialists. BIOCAD shares its knowledge by establishing educational programs at the leading universities in Brazil, preparing the students for careers in biotech manufacturing and advancing Brazil's biotechnological progress. 

Biocadbrazil Farmaceutica Ltda. is considering expanding into all the Latin Amercan countries with the goal of providing BIOCAD's safe and effective products to patients through partnerships with local pharmaceutical companies. 

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Sales, marketing

BIOCAD in Belarus

BIOCAD has been present in Belarus through its subsidiary BIOCAD-Bel LLC since 2012. It was established with the aim to develop, implement and support the business model of entering new markets with BIOCAD's own sales force. In a tight competitive environment, finding the right marketing model is a vital part of business strategy. In Belarus BIOCAD created an approach which combines continual benefits to the customers with a strong team of medical representatives, and respectful relationships with physicians.    

Market access is particularly challenging when alternative sales communication channels are created to move along with the traditional ones. In addition to the traditional physicians approach there are a wide variety of available opportunities. The strategy implemented by BIOCAD-Bel LLC takes advantage of these by including other programs, such as informational web sites for the patients, mobile applications and special discount-rate programs for those consumers who have to cover their expenses out-of-pocket. 

Strategic approach to the market of Belarus is based on a clearly defined business model. It includes a value proposition, determining the end-customers and the type of relationships sought, and finally selecting the mix of channels chosen to address the market. This model could be easily adapted to any country with the lessons learned and insight gained from market interaction. BIOCAD-Bel LLC serves as a platform allowing BIOCAD to test and proof its business concepts granting valuable experience for future international implementation.

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Clinical trials, regulatory affairs, procurement, business development, sales

BIOCAD in India

BIOCAD INDIA PVT. LTD. was established in March 2012 as a BIOCAD subsidiary to support clinical development of biosimilars, as a part of international multicenter clinical trials. 

In 2013 and 2014 BIOCAD INDIA PVT. LTD. became a leader in a number of initiated clinical trials in India, receiving approvals for 6 studies. 

The Indian subsidiary runs and manages a number of clinical trials in India, Thailand, and South Africa for products such as rituximab, trastuzumab, bevacizumab, cepeginterferon alpha-2b, and several small-molecule generics developed by BIOCAD, ensuring timely patient recruitment and and future possibilities for international product launches.

The Indian subsidiary employs a strong regulatory team, which acts as a back office for some of BIOCAD's international regulatory activities, including preparation of ICH compliant registration dossiers for those products that are meant for international market authorization.

BIOCAD INDIA also employs a number of procurement specialists to supply ingredients for laboratory use. 

Business development is an essential part of BIOCAD’s activities in India and several neighboring countries, and is represented by a Business Development specialist working in close cooperation with and under the leadership of Headquarters.   

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Procurement, R&D (small molecule formulation)

BIOCAD in China

BIOCAD has been present in China since 2011 through partnership with Aopu Ltd. This partnership mainly serves company's economic interests by reducing supply costs for common technical and manufacturing equipment. It ensures maximum savings on procured items, optimizing the supply chain, and effectively supporting our just-in-time system. Aopu Ltd. mostly supplies equipment, consumable products, spare parts, and some APIs for small molecule products that are not manufactured by BIOCAD in-house. 

Domestic laboratory at Aopu Ltd. ensures that the supplied products are compliant with international regulations. In addition, laboratory performs a variety of functions in the interest of BIOCAD, from quality control of purchased ingredients to small-molecule formulation development. The employees have vast experience in drug formulation technology, process development, scale up and process validation; they provide integrated drug product development services at reduced costs and within a short timeline. 

Logistics arrangements for time- and temperature-sensitive products are also an important service provided by Aopu Ltd. Receiving all the deliveries at the right time and under the right conditions is critical for BIOCAD. In cooperation with quality assurance, technical and procurement personnel, Aopu Ltd. perfectly navigates in the changing regulatory environment, staying a valuable scientific and logistic partner for BIOCAD. 

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